More law enforcement agencies looking for drugged drivers

, More law enforcement agencies looking for drugged drivers

The growing danger of drugged driving leading accidents continues to be a concern for law enforcement agencies across Florida. It is also widely viewed as a reason against the legalization of marijuana for recreational use even though a number of surveys and polls suggest that many more Americans would not oppose its legalization.

Despite this sentiment, there is still the looming danger of people being injured and losing their lives in crashes ostensibly caused by drugged driving. In fact, the number of people found to be impaired by prescription or illegal drugs while behind the wheel has increased. A USA report found that at least two in ten drivers involved in accidents in 2015 were found to have Xanax, Oxycontin or other prescription drugs in their systems.

Indeed, driving while impaired by illegal or prescription drugs is against the law in Florida. But the testing methods used to discover whether a driver is impaired by drugs may be at issue in these cases. While officers may use individual observations to justify stops and make arrests, these assessments are not infallible. So drivers may have questionable reactions to field sobriety tests because they have taken prescription drugs, they may not necessarily fit the description of an illegally impaired driver.

If you have been charged with driving while on prescription drugs or driving under the influence of marijuana, an experienced criminal defense attorney can be helpful. A seasoned lawyer can question the facts and observations made to determine if there are any defenses that can help you avoid a conviction.

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