You may be eligible for drug pretrial intervention


If you’re facing drug charges, you may be worried that the only options for you are fines and jail time. However, you could actually have more legal options than that, including the use of drug pretrial intervention. It’s incredibly important to know about all of your options and how they work.

The drug pretrial intervention program was set up by state law, and it’s a very intense treatment program. If the prosecution offers you the opportunity to use this program, you’ll have to sign a contract and agree to abide by the rules of the program until you have graduated. When you do, the charges against you will then be commuted.

Failing to do so means that the judge still has the ability to sentence you, so completion is critical.

This program was set up for numerous reasons, but the most important is that it acknowledges the role of addiction in these types of crimes. Those who are addicted are less able to act rationally and may even do things that they don’t want to do regarding drugs and illegal substances.

Researchers have now begun to argue that addiction should not even be defined as a behavioral issue, but as a brain disorder. This underscores the need for proper drug treatment in many cases, not simple fines or time behind bars, which don’t address the true nature of the issue.

If you would like to learn more about the options you may be given after being arrested on a drug-related offense in Florida, please take a moment to visit our website, and we can provide you with all of the information that you need.

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