Ask defense lawyer about Florida’s drug pre-trial intervention


Police and prosecutors in the state of Florida aggressively pursue drug cases. If you become the target of their aggressive drug prosecution tactics, do not hesitate to work with a criminal defense lawyer whom you trust.

Why? Even a relatively minor drug charge can be life-changing. For example, a young adult who might be facing a criminal charge for the first time could fall into the trap of severe criminal sentencing if they are convicted of that drug charge. 

It can be an invaluable option in certain cases for someone who is accused of a drug offense to understand all of the options they have in their case. An option that can be life-changing in a positive way for some is Florida’s drug pretrial intervention program.

Talking to your drug charge lawyer about this option right away can be a good idea. The prosecutor in your case has the ultimate discretion regarding whether the drug pretrial intervention would be available to you. Your lawyer could present your case as one that is appropriate for the program and, in doing so, help save you from traditional prosecution and overly severe sentencing.

The pretrial intervention program does require some serious work from you. First, and this can be hard for some, you would have to admit that you have a substance abuse problem. You would recognize your addiction in writing and also agree to go through a treatment program approved by the state.

Through the successful completion of a treatment program, you would avoid further criminal sentencing. This option in drug offense cases ideally serves various positive purposes:

  • Someone who is accused of a drug crime and has a substance problem can get the medical help they really need. Hopefully, the treatment would prevent further drug arrests in their future.
  • Florida’s correctional facilities won’t be filled with men and women convicted of drug offenses, whose cases would be best handled through the pretrial program.

Have you or a member of your family been arrested for a drug charge? Are you afraid that this moment in time will impact the future in a terrible way? Every drug case in Florida won’t end in the same way, but every case does have its own unique best option. Maybe that is the drug pretrial intervention option. Mike G Law works to provide the personal attention and strategy to accommodate every individual client.

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