What prescription drug laws apply to Florida health workers?


The idea of drug crimes and drug arrests too often brings to mind the kinds of scandalous cases that TV crime shows might depict. The reality is all types of people, from various walks of life, can and do become targets of drug charges in Florida. 

Authorities in the state are hard on drug violation cases, no matter the suspect involved. This post discusses a specific area of drug laws as they pertain to healthcare workers in Florida. Prescription drugs most definitely land people in hot legal waters, including healthcare professionals. 

The following are a few basic statutes to guide healthcare practitioners when prescribing medications to patients:

  • Do not knowingly write a prescription for a fake person.
  • Do not write an unnecessary prescription for the purpose of making money. (Supposed recipient would sell drug for money to get back to you.)
  • Do not prescribe a controlled substance for a patient if you know that the patient already has this drug in their possession through a separate provider. 
  • Do not commit fraud or misrepresent terms of a prescription/case in order to equip a patient with a drug or amount of drug that isn’t medically necessary. 

In reading the basic descriptions of the laws above, it is normal for anxiety to kick in. For example, how much is a healthcare provider supposed to investigate in order to "knowingly" do something? When can a doctor’s actions be classified as violating prescription drug laws in Florida?  

An accusation of violating drug laws does not mean that the healthcare provider is guilty of that charge. The charge could be based on hasty prosecution and/or a serious misunderstanding of the situation. No matter the circumstance, practitioners in the medical community must work with an aggressive drug charge lawyer to protect their freedom, including their freedom to continue practicing medicine.

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