What is the process for posting bail?


The process of posting bail is one of the first steps after an arrest, but many people forget about this until they are in jail waiting to be released. If you are given the opportunity to post bail, it can mean that you can continue to work and spend time with your family while you await trial instead of spending the time behind bars. Understanding what happens when you post bail can make the process as stress free and smooth as possible.

The very first thing that happens is the courts decide whether you will be eligible for bail and how much it will be set at. If the number seems very large, don’t panic. In some cases, you may only have to pay a percentage of the bail to be released. There is also the possibility of getting bail from a third party, like a bail bondsman.

It’s important to discuss the terms of your release with your legal representation to ensure that you clearly understand what is expected of you during this time. You must meet all of the requirements of the bond to remain free. Any violations, such as failure to appear before the courts or failure to stay in communication with your bondsman, can mean that the bond is revoked, and the rest of your time waiting for trial will be spent in jail.

Being released on bail can be a very positive experience and help you create a sense of normalcy as best you can during this difficult time. However, whether you are eligible for bail depends on the nature of the charges and should be something you discuss with your attorney.

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