Signs of painkiller addiction


Many prescription drug violations happen because of addiction. People are willing to go to great lengths and do things they ordinarily would not do because they are addicted. Painkillers are widely used in the United States, and a lot of addictions in Florida revolve around the powerful drugs, which may have originally been prescribed after an injury or surgery. Below are some signs of addiction to watch out for.

  • Thinking about the drugs and medications far more than is normal. You may find your thoughts wandering to it when you haven’t had any in a little while.
  • Taking more than is prescribed by your doctor. This could start as a one-time thing that you think won’t be an issue, but then it may become common.
  • Going doctor shopping. This is when you get the same prescription from multiple doctors in order to get it filled multiple times, increasing the total amount of pills that you have.
  • Getting painkillers from places that are not your local pharmacy. For example, some people buy them from others who had extras or shop for them online.
  • Staying on the prescription for longer than normal. This one is a bit hard to judge, as all cases are different, but extended use can be an issue.
  • Feeling attacked and angry when people bring it up. If you’re defensive, there may be a reason why.
  • Not getting the same results from the standard dosage. If taking the right amount doesn’t dull the pain anymore, you could be addicted.

If you are addicted and are facing criminal charges as a result, be sure you know about all of your legal options, including the use of rehab and drug programs.

Source: WebMD, "Pain Management Health Center," accessed June 09, 2016

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