What is the status of legalizing marijuana in Florida?

What is the status of legalizing marijuana in Florida?

If you have read the newspaper lately, you know what a hot-button issue medical marijuana is. Some are for it; some are against it altogether. In Florida, it is now legal to use medical marijuana. The state recently passed the bill allowing it. The actual buying hasn’t started and several firms are lobbying to be allowed to grow the medical marijuana in this state.

This doesn’t mean that you can just go out a buy the drug and use it at will. You have to have a prescription and you have to use it only for the purposes listed on the order from the doctor. Full out legalization may be down the road for Florida; it is a subject that is on the mind of many people, including legislators.

Marijuana has been used as a medicine for centuries. California began the trend in 1996 of allowing marijuana for use as a medicine, and since then, state after state has followed. The amount that you can have is limited to either a 30-day supply or a 60-day supply. Possession without a prescription of less than 20 grams of the drug is a first-degree misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year in jail. Possession of more than 20 grams is a third-degree felony and can put you in jail for five long years.

Sometimes, the police aren’t looking to protect your rights as a citizen of the United State and a resident of Florida. They want an arrest. Calling in a lawyer from the law office of Mike G. Law can help. The best idea is to say nothing to the police when you are arrested and call us immediately after asking for an attorney to be present.

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