What are holdups with Florida’s marijuana laws?


In November, Florida voters chose to expand the legalization of medical marijuana in the state. A few months have now passed. We have a new president (as if you didn’t know), and local residents of the state are left with many questions about Florida’s marijuana law changes.

Governments (both state and federal) tend to take drug laws seriously. The debate over marijuana use is consistent and passionate; therefore, it isn’t surprising that change might come slowly and with layers of complexity.

The following are just some of the questions that lawmakers and other interested parties in Florida are currently addressing:

Who can manufacture marijuana? The health department in Florida proposes that just seven licensed growers be able to grow and sell marijuana for legal sales in Florida. One lawmaker proposes that five more entities are added to that list.

The worry is that with a limited number of suppliers, there will not be enough medical marijuana to meet the demand among patients. Also, there could be a limited variety of drugs available to patients with fewer suppliers.

What kind of medical marijuana will be legal? This detail is yet to be worked out in the state. There is the smoking of marijuana, the use of edibles, pills and the use of oils. Some think that smoking the drug and the use of edibles should continue to be against the law. Others don’t see such use as a problem; they know such use can be medically-helpful.

One possibility regarding how a patient can use the drug is that the answer would depend on the patient’s age and medical condition. Terminally ill patients, for example, could use full-strength options. Kids could likely have more limited access to full-strength meds.

As you can see, there are still so many details left to solidify in terms of Florida’s medical marijuana laws. For now, all we can hope is that the changes will be aimed at truly helping in-need patients. Also, it is important that the laws be clear enough to not set up well-intended people for failure in the eyes of criminal laws.

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