What are the supposed medical benefits of marijuana?

What are the supposed medical benefits of marijuana?

In Florida and throughout the country, much of society is at the point where the conversation about marijuana centers around the legal changes that have occurred. There are layers of complexities and a history that has led to the recent changes to marijuana laws.

The major reason why the drug laws have loosened in the U.S., including here in Florida, is due to the alleged medical benefits of the controversial substance. What are those supposed medical uses that have swayed Tampa voters to open up their minds to expanding medical marijuana options?

But let’s take it down to a more scientific level.

AIDS: The FDA approves the use of THC from marijuana to be used among AIDS patients. In these medical cases, the substance reportedly helps in promoting an increased appetite that moves patients to eat in order to stay stronger.

Cancer: Patients going through chemotherapy can be weakened by nausea and vomiting. Taking THC can help reduce the sick feeling and, therefore, make the treatments easier to handle and life easier to live during a traumatic time.

Pain: The use of medical marijuana for pain managements is a bit more controversial and less common in the U.S. Other countries have more liberal laws allowing for the use of the drug for pain, such as for multiple sclerosis. A general rule that might allow for a wider use of THC for pain management in the U.S. is if a patient can prove that no other FDA-approved drug can help their pain.

These are just a few common medical reasons that support the legalization of medicinal marijuana. There are undoubtedly other reasons why others, maybe even you, believe that legalizing the drug is a noble fight.

If you have been charged with violating marijuana laws in Florida, make sure you work with a drug violations defense lawyer who sees the fight for marijuana rights as noble, too.

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