What follows an arrest and what is to be expected?

If you are reading this blog, maybe you are not facing legal trouble but a loved one is. Did you just learn that a family member or friend was arrested? Did this news make you anxious, worried and wondering what the legal options are?

At the beginning of a criminal arrest experience, two things can come into play: bail and bonds. There is also the entire booking experience that you might wonder about. The following are some basics to learn about these matters according to FindLaw.

You’ve received a call informing you that someone you love was arrested. You might wonder, “Now what?” The next step will depend on a few things. How serious was the alleged offense for which the person was arrested? Does the alleged crime paint the person as a community threat? Does the person have a criminal record?

Basically, the more serious and dangerous the alleged offense is, and if a person has a criminal history, the chance that they will be immediately released after booking is low. Therefore, if your family member or friend has been arrested for a repeat drug offense in Florida, he or she might not be released as readily as they may have been for a first offense.

In order to get out of custody to await the resolution of their case, someone who has been arrested, booked and charged with a crime could have to post bail. Paying bail gets the person out of custody to await trial. That money is returned once the defendant shows up for court.

If someone and their family or friends cannot afford bail, there are sources of that money to turn to. Bond companies can be of help to those who need money to be released. Keep in mind that if a bond agent pays your bail, they have invested interest in ensuring the person facing charges shows up to court.

It is normal for an arrest, even if it isn’t your own but of a loved one, to stir up a mix of anxiety and questions. Understanding some of these basic matters involved in the beginning of a criminal case can help provide calm. That calm and understanding can be most effectively provided by an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the norms in Tampa cases.

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