When drugs are the root of another legal problem

When drugs are the root of another legal problem

From Florida to New York to Wisconsin and beyond, people struggle with substance abuse. Men and women and teenagers from all demographics can find themselves battling addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. It is a physical, emotional and societal problem.

Addiction is also the cause of other situations that get people into trouble with the law. One example of a criminal charge that an addict is more likely to face is domestic violence. Research shows an alarming connection between the use of drugs and someone’s chance of engaging in violent behaviors toward family members or partners.

The U.S. National Library of medicine cites research showing that as many as half of domestic violence cases involving men as the alleged perpetrators include the dependence of controlled substances. It wouldn’t be rare, therefore, for someone to face multiple charges in this kind of scenario such as a drug charge, as well as a charge of battery or domestic assault. 

Convictions on multiple criminal counts in Florida could result in significant consequences for a defendant. An area of concern in terms of defendants battling drug and alcohol addiction is that the traditional sentencing in the criminal justice system doesn’t fix what is the deep-rooted problem.

Incarceration tends not to resolve the complex, physiological need for someone to abuse substances. Without addressing substance abuse, someone who doesn’t know how to cope without drugs or alcohol is likely to turn to those habits once more and perhaps face similar legal troubles in the future. 

Florida offers some alternative programs for defendants in drug cases, depending on their unique cases and circumstances. Treatment-focused programs might be what you or a loved one needs in order to adequately address drug-related activity and violence. In order to secure such treatment, however, you need to work with a respected drug crimes defense lawyer who will fight for that option.

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