With flu season here, so is new law impacting cold and flu drugs

With flu season here, so is new law impacting cold and flu drugs

When there are substances such as cocaine and heroin impacting lives in Florida, it might seem silly to bring up an over-the-counter substance. But one of various new laws that have taken effect in the state creates a consequence related to the use of a common household medicine: NyQuil. 

As of Jan. 1, Florida legislation puts locals at-risk of facing drug charges tied to an ingredient on which many of us rely when we are sick. Florida SB 938 regulates the sales of medicines containing dextromethorphan. A couple of common products found in stores with this substance are NyQuil and Robitussin. 

Why regulate these products? The cause behind the new Florida drug law is to protect minors from the adverse effects of misusing the substance. Teens reportedly buy the cold medicines and use them to reach a “high.” The law aims to prevent them from having access to the in-store products. 

This means that the men and women who work in drugstores or other stores that sell the products face the threat of drug charges by violating the law. If a minor tries to purchase, for example, NyQuil, the store worker is supposed to prohibit that purchase. The worker should check a customer’s ID and only allow those who are 18 and older to buy and leave with the drug. 

Violating the new drug regulation will result in a fine. Workers who do not properly adhere to the law can face the legal penalty. Minors who violate the law, possibly with the use of a fake ID, will also face fines. A fine might not sound like a big deal, but any introduction to the criminal justice system, especially for a minor, can be life-changing. 

A drug law violation involving cold and flu medicine might sound insignificant. But if your teen gets in a legal mess because of this law, you should quickly get an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your family’s team. If you are a worker facing a potential penalty due to new and complex drug regulations, your job and reputation are at stake. Protect yourself with the guidance of a trusted attorney.

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