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More law enforcement agencies looking for drugged drivers

The growing danger of drugged driving leading accidents continues to be a concern for law enforcement agencies across Florida. It is also widely viewed as a reason against the legalization of marijuana for recreational use even though a number of surveys and polls suggest that many more Americans would not oppose its legalization.

When drugs are the root of another legal problem

From Florida to New York to Wisconsin and beyond, people struggle with substance abuse. Men and women and teenagers from all demographics can find themselves battling addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. It is a physical, emotional and societal problem.

More than luck of Irish needed following St. Paddy's drug arrest

Friday began what was likely a variety of St. Patrick's Day shenanigans in Tampa and greater Florida. The day for the Irish serves as more than a holiday for them; people of all backgrounds love a reason to celebrate not just that part of our nation's past, but also the arrival of spring.

Football star's Florida drug case shows career danger of arrest

Why is there a fear about getting arrested and charged with a crime? For most, the instant anxiety likely stems from the fear of losing one's freedom. Being locked up in jail or prison and unable to live your life based on your whims is a scary threat. 

Drug classifications: Do you have a medical use for that?

Various drugs fall under the taboo umbrella of controlled substances. But a controlled substance can vary greatly in terms of regulations compared to another controlled substance. In fact, you probably know that the U.S. criminal justice system classifies drugs quite specifically.

Beyond the legal matters of drugs: Mental health, Pt. 2

This post continues the conversation of the medical aspects of drug use. As we have shared in prior posts, many men and women get wrapped up in Florida's criminal justice system not because they are drug criminals, but essentially because they are living with mental illness. 

With flu season here, so is new law impacting cold and flu drugs

When there are substances such as cocaine and heroin impacting lives in Florida, it might seem silly to bring up an over-the-counter substance. But one of various new laws that have taken effect in the state creates a consequence related to the use of a common household medicine: NyQuil. 

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