What Can I Expect if I am Arrested for Cocaine Possession in Florida?

What Can I Expect if I am Arrested for Cocaine Possession in Florida?

It has been said that person is a product of their environment. In Florida, the environment is sunny and warm most of the year. It is also a place that cocaine can be found fairly easily. Since the 1980s, this drug has found its way from south and central America to south and central Florida and to the rest of the state and the nation from there.

It is said that even the skyline of many cities in Florida have been financed by drug dealing that included cocaine.

Being accused of trafficking this drug or even using this drug is disheartening. You can be ostracized by your friends and family, you can lose your livelihood and can be put in jail because you had some in your possession.

The law states that having 28 grams or more of this drug on you when you are arrested can be a serious crime. You can be accused of trafficking, which is a first-degree felony in Florida. If you have less than that, there is a good chance that you can be put in a rehabilitation program and avoid charges if you complete the program.

If you have cocaine on you and you are near a school, you may face stiff penalties. You can be fined, put in jail for three to 15 years, depending on the amount of the drug in your possession.

Are you beginning to see that you need an experienced attorney who can get your crime mitigated to a lower level and help you by getting your side of the story before the court?

Having someone who knows the laws of Florida, is familiar with your type of situation and can assist you in getting the charges against you dismissed or mitigated can be a real help at a time like this.

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