Experienced attorney needed for prescription drug charges

Experienced attorney needed for prescription drug charges

Having a charge of prescription drug violation can be serious. Even if you know you are not at fault, because you have a prescription from a doctor, you can face arrest.

This may be because the authorities are under enormous pressure to bring in an arrest. They may simply stomp on your rights to get this action completed. Did you give the officers permission to search your car or home? They may violate your rights by performing an illegal search and seizure.

You have to give the police officer permission to search your property. However, if they happen to see an illegal drug, drug paraphernalia or a gun in plain sight, this gives them the right to search your home or car without your permission. It is called probable cause.

Without this, the authorities must obtain your verbal or written permission and it must be provable in court. Otherwise, a search warrant must be obtained.

At the Law Office of Mike G. Law, we can help you understand whether the police erred in your arrest or the search and seizure of your property. We will also explain your legal options so that you know how to proceed.

A prescription drug violation can be a simple misunderstanding. You may have a prescription; however, you have put all your drugs in one container for ease of use. The police don’t see it that way. The Law Office of Mike G. Law can help.

Having an attorney on your side who knows what the prosecutor has in mind can be invaluable at a time like this. To learn more, please take a few moments to look at our webpage on prescription drug charges.

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